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Our full-service revenue cycle suite fits any small practice looking to reduce overhead costs and improve financial performance.


Our business/practice consulting service is perfect for a startup practice looking for answers/guidance on the first steps of the Revenue Cycle process.


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    Working with the Billing Queen

    Advantages of Outsourcing

    Running a successful mental health practice can be extremely intimidating to professionals delivering direct care to their clients. Medical practices need to advance their organizational structure in order to improve their quality of services, reduce billing errors and to cut expenses. Adopting a  compact and comprehensive system  with someone you can trust can be a great booster to grow your practice. 

    For all these and many other issues than can arise, outsourcing your medical billing to The Billing Queen would be a wise and essential decision. 

    Some of the advantages of outsourcing:

    – Medical billing services can increase and improve your collections while accelerating cash flow

    – Reduce your administrative costs 

    – Attain productivities that can not be achievable by in-house billing

    – Minimize claim denials

    Katrice Stancil

    Owner, CEO, Consultant

    Specialist in mental health billing, business consulting, and collections services. Increasing your cash flow while reducing costs.

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